Fans have taken to the video comments to defend the BIGBANG leader.
3 Jul 2017 - 11:56 AM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2017 - 11:56 AM

G-Dragon recently took part in a new collaboration with luxury fashion brand Chanel titled "In Macau with G-Dragon, for CHANEL's GABRIELLE bag campaign," and a new video of this partnership was uploaded onto Facebook just a few days ago (which you can check out here)

While the reception to the video was mostly positive, there were a few negative comments in regards to G-Dragon's collaboration with Chanel that focused on how the BIGBANG leader's Korean background doesn't with the luxury brand's image.

In response to these negative comments, many fans have defended G-Dragon from all the racist remarks.

Here are some of the comments from fans standing up for G-Dragon:

  • I'm just going to say this once about GD and Chanel. GD has been invited to multiple Chanel events from Karl Lagerfeld in korea and even in paris. GD is a very stylish man to begin with in the south korean fashion world. Lagerfeld had to have noticed something about GD to be asking him to keep returning to runway shows or events that Chanel is doing. Chanel was made for anybody its meant to expand and grow it shouldn't matter wether or not he's french or not.
  • Sad and disappointing to see the ignorance in here. These new ads by Chanel are well produced and bring a sense of freshness to the brand. I like that GD was used for this. He's got the fanbase and many find him attractive. Fashion needs more diversity.
  • I dont know why people are so afraid of asian people.. And what if he got his chin bigger? Is none of your business! Is his life :) salty people... Im proud of you Jiyong! You dont need promotions because people and chanel do it for you ;)


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