It could be an anime anthology of his work.
3 Jul 2017 - 12:47 PM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2017 - 12:47 PM

According to Asahi's Junji Ito's Haunted House, one of Junji Ito’s manga series is getting an anime adaptation.

The site will announce which series is getting an adaptation at a later date, although it’s worth noting that the image used on the site references a mixture of Ito’s work, and this year marks Ito’s 30th anniversary in the industry, suggesting it could be an anthology series.

Junji Ito is a famous horror mangaka best known for creating the Uzumaki manga series, which follows the lives of a town cursed by spiral symbols. Ito’s Uzumaki and Tommie were both adapted into live-action films while an animated OVA production of Gyo was released in 2012.

Ito has also collaborated with several game studios, including creating a disturbing reimagining of ghost Pokemon, and working on Hideo Kojima’s and Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills video game as a character designer prior to Konami cancelling the game in 2015. If you’re a fan of horror, we highly recommend you check out any of Ito’s work.

According to an interview with IGN, Gyo was the first piece of fiction that’s truly disturbed Guillermo del Toro.

“I have never experienced this,” he said, “I was reading Gyo...and that moment that f***ing shark takes the staircase - I threw the book.”

“I think Japanese horror manga is usually really ferocious,” Del Toro continued. “It’s truly unbridled and brutal. I guess society is so regimented it’s a perfect escape. Ito has a lot of the morasses and sort of moral taboos of Japanese society. He articulates them through pure horror; Uzumaki, Gyo, Tommie. They all deal with incredibly grotesque and brutality and there are others that are very subtle scary.”

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