Not only has Tzuyu trended across Japan, the country is absolutely in love with TWICE!
3 Jul 2017 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2017 - 11:28 AM

TWICE recently made their highly-anticipated (and highly-successful) Japanese debut, but the Japanese fans have been particularly enamoured with one member over the past few days - the group's adorable maknae, Tzuyu!

The girls recently made a well-received appearance on the June 30 episode of the popular Japanese TV show Music Station, and it was here where Japan immediately went gaga over Tzuyu. TWICE's maknae was onscreen for only a few seconds to introduce herself, but this was enough to get her trending across Japan.

Soon after Tzuyu's appearance on Music Station, her name started trending at No.5 on Hotword (with TWICE at No.1 and Music Station at No.2).

That wasn't it though, as Tzuyu started to trend on Yahoo Japan, coming in at No.17:

This soon expanded towards various online news sites, who wrote various articles on Tzuyu's beauty, not to mention that Tzuyu's name was the No.1 keyword related to TWICE whenever the group was searched online in Japan.

Of course, Japan's newfound love for Tzuyu doesn't just stop at TWICE's maknae as the country is already in love with the girls.

Not only have TWICE managed to sell a whopping 100,000 copies of their debut Japanese album in just 4 days, managing to top Japan's Oricon Daily Album chart, the girls held a massively-successful debut showcase in the country on July 2. Having originally scheduled 1 showcase, a 2nd performance was added due to demand and TWICE ultimately brought in an estimated 15,000 fans (as well as over 1,000 Japanese media reps).

A huge congrats to TWICE for their big Japanese debut, and a big kudos to Tzuyu for capturing the attention of more fans yet again!


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