And it is official, SHINee indeed does love In N Out Burger!
3 Jul 2017 - 2:38 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2017 - 9:13 AM

After Barack Obama set the K-pop world alight yesterday when he showed some love to SHINeeKey decided to repay the favour by showing some love for the former U.S. President!

In a new post on his Instagram, Key thanked Obama for the barrage of kind words during his speech at the 8th Asian Leadership Conference before vowing that SHINee will do their best to live up to the former President's words. 

Key then followed this up with the most important confirmation of them all - SHINee indeed does love In-N-Out Burger!

It feels like we're witnessing the start of a beautiful friendship between (former) U.S. President an K-pop group here!


It goes without saying that SHINee have many, many fans, but there's one particularly big Shawol whom people may not have expected - former U.S. President Barack Obama!

According to a new report from Chosun, Obama was speaking at the 8th Asian Leadership Conference and those in the audience noticed that he gave a shout out to SHINee during his speech. Partway through his speech, the former U.S. President reportedly said that "may famous films are being created in Korea and many of the young adults are learning Korean in order to get to know SHINee." He then later reportedly dropped in a second SHINee reference, saying that "in addition, I know that SHINee likes America's In-N-Out Burgers."


Wonder what Obama's favourite SHINee song is? We bet it is "Married to the Music!"


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