Occasional sad moments aside, being the female lead sounds like #goals
4 Jul 2017 - 4:30 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2017 - 5:09 PM

There’s no doubt the female lead role in a K-drama is something to be treasured and highly coveted. You’re the star of the show, the centre of all attention, and love. 

Could real life be kinder to us though? Could our own lives be real life K-dramas waiting to play out, dreamy male lead and all?

To find out, let's delve into what makes a female lead. What do they all have in common?

Here’s four signs you might be a female lead:

1. You have a 'fringe'

Recent dramas suggest a trend in female leads having fringes. And by 'fringes,' I mean the cute wispy straight looking fringe-but-not-fringe seen on characters like Doctor Kang Mo Yeon in Descendants of the Sun, or more recently Do Bong Soon in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Something about this hairstyle just has to be magical. Armed with this fringe, you’re guaranteed to charm the hearts of all those around you.

Of course, not every female lead has a fringe. If you don’t, you might be the type at the centre of a fantasy drama with supernatural things going on. Female leads like Ji Eun Tak in Goblin and So Ah in the upcoming Bride of the Water God are noticeably fringe-less and still very much the recipients of love from very dashing male leads, so there is hope for those of us who can’t deal with fringes.

2. You’re a bit of a clutz, in a cute way

The extent of clumsiness varies with each lead, but it’s there nonetheless. After all, clumsiness is always an excellent way for the two main leads to meet. Whether it’s tripping over your own feet, tripping on the stairs, or just tripping on air, every clumsy moment is a potential romantic scene. Just think of the amount of eye contact and first meetings that have happened because of the female lead’s clumsiness and a bit of ‘fate’. Lee Yoo Mi from My Secret Romance is a prime example. Just make sure you don’t slip and fall in your hotel bathroom, knocking over an expensive bottle of wine and accidentally looking like you’re lying in the middle of a crime scene. It’s a bit awkward to explain, even if it does get you a nice ride in a handsome guy’s arms.

3. Everyone can’t help falling in love with you

This is an absolute classic for female leads. It's probably existed since the inception of Korean dramas. When I say everyone falls in love with you, I mean everyone. That’s right, everyone from the random kindly grandfather that you befriend, to all the nosy elderly women that rule the neighbourhood. They fall for your charms with minimal effort exerted on your part, and that’s not even mentioning the plethora of attractive guys that instantly fall hopelessly in love with you from your radiant smile and a flick of your always flawless hair. If you’re walking through the neighbourhood and everyone’s greeting you as if you’re the grandchild/child they always wanted, or everyone’s always interested in you, chances are you’re female lead material.

4. You keep bumping into the same extremely handsome guy

It’s more than just coincidence if you keep bumping into the same really good-looking guy. In fact, it's probably more ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ rather than coincidence. What even are the chances that you get the opportunity to see the same attractive person not once, but multiple times?

In particular, if you feel time slowing as you make eye-contact with this especially hot stranger, and hear the soft romantic OST begin to play, your life is literally a K-drama and all past knowledge from dramas suggest that this guy is your One. Go on, talk to him.

Ok, so this isn't a definitive or exhaustive list of what makes a female lead. Good on you if you’re everything that’s been described in this list (like seriously, how?). But if you don’t quite match, fear not. Everyone’s their own special type of lead character in the drama of life.

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