Who would you choose and why, PopAsians? It can be anyone (or thing)!
4 Jul 2017 - 1:11 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2017 - 1:11 PM

To most K-pop fans, their favourite groups already have the perfect line-up. But every now and again, there's the occasional thought of "if I add this person to the group, it would be so cool!"

In a new thread over on Reddit, K-pop fans got into a fascinating discussion about adding a new member to their bias group. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some of the most interesting fan answers in regards to adding a new member to a K-pop group:

  • My heart wants Samuel as the fourteenth member of SVT

  • I'd add Choa to AOA (in this magical scenario, she's totally happy with idol life though)

  • I'd add Hansol (SM Rookies) to NCT 127.

  • Yuna/Euna Kim to BLACKPINK.
    She was originally a trainee with them, but dropped out of YGE. She can sing and rap well, and has a nice unique voice, so I think she could have added a lot to BP. A 5-member group with two members that can both rap and sing (Jennie and Yuna) and a total of three rappers would be really cool, especially for a girl group.
    I am content with their current members though.

  • Jessica into SNSD again... just to see the reactions

  • Somi to Twice.
    (lol jk JYP is obviously the tenth member)

  • Sana to GFriend, EunSana would probably give SaiDa a run for the money

  • And even though they've disbanded, if they were still around it would be cool to see Mina in Wonder Girls with the band concept, I could see her totally killing Why So Lonely

  • The table to Red Velvet.

Who would you choose and why, PopAsians? It can be anyone!

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