Perfect country to go for a bike ride as well!
4 Jul 2017 - 1:51 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2017 - 1:51 PM

Japan has a reputation for having one of the best public transportation systems in the world, and as the Eat Your Kimchi duo discovered, that reputation is justified in a number of ways.

Japan doesn't have the super-useful transportation app Uber but it does have a taxi service, though it is super difficult to get one since there's heavy demand for them. However, the bus system is a pretty good alternative according to Simon and Martina.

While the buses are unsurprisingly uncrowded, Japanese people are absolutely lovely and have immaculate manners. Whereas some countries will have people who avoid paying bus fees and those who cut in line, Japanese commuters are really respectful and pleasant, thus any thoughts of being squished up against the windows are quelled.

It's not just buses that Simon and Martina are in love with though, as Japan's subway system also deserves some props. Not only are the trains super-punctual all the time, the duo love how friendly and well-mannered every traingoer is, making any train trip (air-conditioned or otherwise) a much more pleasant experience.

Should the bus and train system not be on the cards, Simon and Martina recommend going for a bike ride. Whereas helmets are always recommended whenever one rides a bike, riding a bike in Japan is a chilled experience that is akin to nothing more than speedwalking, so much so that people can ride them safely on the sidewalk.

Listen right here at to Simon and Martina gush about Japan's public transport system:


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