EXO said they're ready to dominate the rest of 2017, and there's evidence that the boys may be right!
11 Jul 2017 - 10:42 AM  UPDATED 11 Jul 2017 - 11:41 AM

There may still be a week before EXO make their long-awaited comeback with their new album "The War," but the boys are starting to re-establish their dominance on the K-pop scene already.

The group held a surprise VLive broadcast yesterday, where they talked a bit about what fans can expect from EXO this time around before expressing confidence that they're ready to dominate the 2nd half of 2017 with their upcoming comeback. 

While an EXO comeback of any kind is always big news, there's already evidence suggesting that their confidence in dominating the rest of 2017 may not be completely misplaced at all. Here are 3 reasons why EXO are shaping up to be the big wigs for the 2nd half of 2017.

3. They're set to guest-star on a mega-popular variety show for the first time.

EXO usually don't appear on many variety shows during their comebacks, but this time they're scheduled to guest on the super-popular show "Ask Us Anything." Not only are EXO prepared to light up the music stage, they're prepping to take over the variety scene as well!

2. Twitter is blowing up in anticipation for EXO

After opening up their official Twitter account, everyone has jumped on the EXO comeback bandwagon, including Twitter itself!

In fact, the anticipation for EXO's comeback has been so high that Twitter Korea shared a special "Twitter trend map" highlighting all the fans talking about the group over a 24-hour period. In just the span of a day, there were over 11 million tweets about EXO from all over the world. WOW!

1. EXO-L's crash website trying to pre-order EXO's new album

EXO's new album, "The War," isn't out for another week, but fans are able to pre-order it online already. That is, if said fans were able to get on the website in the first place.

According to a new report, Synnara Record's server had crashed due to the sheer number of EXO-L's flooding the website in an attempt to pre-order EXO's new album. Having previously announced that pre-orders "The War" would come with a limited edition poster, fans immediately jumped on the offer so quickly that Synnara Record's website simply got overwhelmed!

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