OMG, too much happening to handle! Whose comeback/debut are you more excited to see, EXO or KARD?
11 Jul 2017 - 9:18 AM  UPDATED 11 Jul 2017 - 9:18 AM

We're only a few days out before EXO and KARD, 2 of the most-anticipated acts of 2017, make their long-awaited comeback and official debut respectively. While we eagerly wait to see what the 2 acts have in store for us, they've decided to build up the already-massive levels of hype by dropping 2 new teaser MVs!

First up is EXO, who have released a brand new teaser for their upcoming title track "Ko Ko Bop." Focusing on Baekhyun today (who looks AMAZING), we get a longer listen to what EXO's new song will sound like, and it looks like the boys have another banger on their hands.

And finally we have KARD, who are setting the stage for their long-awaited official debut with the release of a new MV trailer for their official debut single "Hola Hola." Building on the group's established synth and funk sound, KARD's new single sounds like another hit waiting to come out. We must also mention the stunningly gorgeous cinematography of the music video, which looks to be set in across a variety of sweeping desert landscapes.

Whose comeback/debut are you more excited to see, EXO or KARD?

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