In the (paraphrased) words of Simon and Martina, it's like walking straight back into America!
11 Jul 2017 - 1:59 PM  UPDATED 11 Jul 2017 - 1:59 PM

There are many things to do in Japan, but the Eat Your Kimchi just had one of the more unique experiences that only a very small number of people can have - visiting an American air base!

As this American air base is technically American soil, not everyone is allowed to visit whenever they want and visitors need to be "sponsored" by someone on the base before they can be let in, as well as needing to be American. Thanks to their friend on the air base, Simon and Martina got the chance to visit. Upon stepping onto the base, the duo felt like they immediately transported straight back to American. From the roads and buildings to the food (and the food portion sizes), everything felt exactly like it did when the couple were in America.

Given how the American air base is essentially a slice of America being placed in the middle of Japan, this all brought up an interesting issue of why people on military bases don't adjust to the local culture of the country. Upon talking to all the military people, Simon and Martina learned that not only do military base people move around a lot, people are brought onto the base to do a job and thus it is unfair to make people adjust to the local culture of the country they're stationed at.

On a side note, Simon and Martina did get to see Spider-Man: Homecoming at the air base earlier than the Japanese public, so the base had that also going for it!

Listen right here at to Simon and Martina talk about the unique experience of visiting an American air base in Japan starting at the 1:26 mark:


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