Get in the know now, with “CALL ME NOW.”
13 Jul 2017 - 2:36 PM  UPDATED 13 Jul 2017 - 2:36 PM

One of the more subtle changes in J-pop over the last few years has been a shift away from traditional idol groups - think AKB48 and associated groups often sporting schoolgirl uniforms, which remain popular but not at the center like they were five years ago - toward projects featuring women wearing more contemporary clothes and performing over a wider variety of sounds. The group E-girls, in particular, achieved success with a more uptempo electronic sound that has proven incredibly successful. Now, newer groups are trying to imitate them, or at least lean closer to them than the biggie-sized AKB-style performers.

Trio SudannaYuzuYully has a member from E-girls and the group’s extended family. Consisting of Suda Anna, Takebe Yuzuna and YURINO (get the name?). They are pushing this sound even further on new single “CALL ME NOW,” which you can watch below. It starts as an overly busy number, stuffed tight with pitch-shifted vocals and criss-crossing beats, but the main portion of the song is surprisingly spacious. It features a rattling bit of percussion, some stray electronic splurts and plenty of room for the three members to take turns showing off their singing and rapping skills. And it all leads to a colorful chorus, followed by a chaser of rough-and-tumble rap.

This is SudannaYuzuYully’s second single of the year, and now seems like a good time to revisit “OH BOY,” partially because it is every bit as good (if not a little better, in this writer’s estimation) than their latest. It’s more focused, and allows the trio to showcase their confident vocal skills (and ability to come together in harmony) directly, and really hints at the potential they have. Check it out below:

Moving forward, SudannaYuzuYully are one to keep an eye on - as this up-tempo electro-hip-hop-glazed style gains in popularity (you are seeing it with FAKY and other new-ish units), they are bound to get even more looks. So get in the know now.

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