Tell us which K-pop year-end award win was the most impactful for you, PopAsians!
14 Jul 2017 - 1:13 PM  UPDATED 14 Jul 2017 - 1:13 PM

All the K-pop releases during each year culminate towards one of the most important periods for any K-pop artist - the year-end awards season! It is here where all the hard-working K-pop idols finally get their efforts be recognised on the grand stage, and needless to say this can lead to some truly memorable moments.

In a new thread over on Reddit, fans got into a fascinating discussion about which K-pop year-end award win was the most memorable. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some of the most memorable K-pop year-end award wins as shared by fans:

  • SHINee winning a daesang in 2013 is unforgettable for me haha

  • SNSD 2010 GDA Daesang for AOTY. I can't remember for sure right now but I think they were the first and still are the only girl group to win AOTY.
    Watching them be all relaxed and jokey before the announcement because they never thought they'd win is so good. You can even see Seohyun jokingly announce "sonyuh shidae" (some people say she jokingly said super junior but idk) and Taeyeon laughing, only for the announcer to say their name a second later is just the best thing ever. And then ofc cue lots and lots of tears. Being surrounded by suju and shinee was also really cute.

  • I'd say EXO in 2014 at MAMA not only winning Album of the year (with a mini album too!) and Artist of the year, but also doing so after Kris left earlier that year and Luhan leaving just shortly before the end of the year. It was a hard year for them and they probably didn't expect much during award season because of that.

  • For me it has to be when Ailee and B.A.P won the best rookie award at the Melon Music Awards.

  • leave SM, sell 50k more albums, win 2 daesangs, dominate variety shows, all in the best year of kpop.

  • Definitely BTS winning Album of the Year at MMA. Everyone seems to place more importance on the MAMA win, but this one is more special to me. THEIR FACES. Jin's crying. The unexpectedness and anxiety of it all. Wahh.

  • For me it wasn't a win, but 2NE1's surprise performance at 2015 MAMAs. They'd been gone for so long and we hadn't heard a peep from them in so long, seeing them all come up on stage like that had me in tears. It breaks my heart that this was the last time they were all together, but I'm really glad we got to see them one last time.

Tell us which K-pop year-end award win was the most impactful for you, PopAsians!


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