Having a rough day? E-girls ask you to “Smile For Me” in latest MV!
17 Jul 2017 - 2:08 PM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2017 - 2:08 PM

J-pop heavyweights E-girls recently traveled to the southwest United States, where they made the most of that trip. The group filmed two videos during their time in the States, sharing the second MV for their upbeat number “Smile For Me” over the past weekend.

Following in the steps of “Love Queen,” "Smile For Me" is a jaunty number accompanied by a video of the group dancing in the desert and exploring the heart of Las Vegas. Whereas "Love Queen" was a choreographed number, showing E-girls’ dance moves off against a barren, Western backdrop, “Smile For Me” plays out more like behind-the-scenes footage, though less candid and more like a group consciously aware they are being filmed having fun (which is all good!).

On the music front, “Smile For Me” is a delicate take on EDM-pop, mixing string swells with shifty beats and a few bass surges. The song is similar to (albeit a bit more minimal than) f(x)’s “Airplane” or even Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” songs which heavily borrow from fest-ready dance music but wraps it in a package that doesn’t feel ready for Ultra Music Festival. And with E-girls’ latest, that energy is used for a cheer-up song, one about urging someone not to cry but to smile.

The single itself comes out in Japan on July 26, coupling “Smile For Me” with “Love Queen” and a couple other new numbers. Expect to see E-girls pop up on a lot of Japanese TV shows in the month after that!

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