The BTS leader had a lot of worries and doubts during the group's recent U.S tour.
17 Jul 2017 - 11:22 AM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2017 - 11:22 AM

It goes without saying that BTS were something of a phenomenon when they visited America in April for their recent "WINGS" world tour. But despite being a consummate leader during those media-heavy few months, Rap Monster wasn't short of worries and doubts throughout that period.

In a new vlog that was uploaded onto BTS' official YouTube channel, Rap Monster opened up about the worries he had during the group's recent U.S tour. Recorded in April this year during the group's stop in Hawaii, the BTS leader opened up about the stress he had when he was put on the spotlight through the many live interviews the group had to do, as well as the difficulty in adjusting to the food and water.

It wasn't just the stress of live interviews that were weighing on Rap Monster's mind. With the prospect of producing a follow-up to BTS' massively successful "WINGS" album (and its repackage), Rap Monster talked about his worries over BTS "transitional period" between albums. Despite his experience as a producer, Rap Monster expressed that he still doubts his producing and songwriting skills, and that the only way to overcome these doubts is to work harder.

Check out Rap Monster's vlog right here:

English subbed version right here:


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