No need to worry, aside from some embarrassment, the fan is perfectly fine and was a champ about it!
17 Jul 2017 - 10:33 AM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2017 - 10:37 AM

When you're a K-pop fan, one of the most heavenly things that could happen to you is getting called on-stage during a fan-meet and sharing space with your favourite idol. However, what happens when said idol accidentally slaps you in the face?

Kim Samuel was at an event recently, which was attended be many excited fans. One of the event's moments involved calling a fan onto the stage with Samuel, and the duo were to start dancing. However, this didn't go quite according to plan because when the dancing started, Samuel accidentally slapped the fan in the face (which brought a roar of surprise from the crowd).

Needless to say, the singer was incredibly apologetic and he immediately hugged the fan out of concern (and a little embarrassment), causing the crowd to scream even louder at the funny turn of events. Credit to the fan, she took an accidental slap to the face like a champ and was awesome about the whole incident, though she sadly didn't get to dance with Kim Samuel in the end.

Check out the whole embarrassing (and funny) moment right here:


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