KARD's appearance caused the hashtag #KARDnoRaulGil to trend worldwide on Twitter.
18 Jul 2017 - 10:29 AM  UPDATED 18 Jul 2017 - 10:51 AM

KARD have built up quite an international fanbase in the few months they've been active, and the coed group recently made a well-received appearance on the popular Brazilian variety show "Turma Do Vovo Raul" during the segment "Raul Gil." As a testament to the strength of KARD's already-impressive international fandom, the group's appearance caused the hashtag #KARDnoRaulGil to trend worldwide on Twitter. 

However, fans couldn't help but notice the comments made by the host to KARD and in general, some of which fans thought were racist and inappropriate.

A segment involved 4 kids coming onstage to perform and after the host asked about their origins, one kid didn't answer. In response to this, the host allegedly said "needs to open his eyes, right?" before imitating the way Japanese people speak. (Around the 46 second mark in the video below)

During the talking segment, where KARD were a series of questions, the host started asking the group whether the were dating, including "Are you going to marry them?," before following up by allegedly saying "You would have to stretch your eyes. Are you guys kidding?" while making a slant-eyed gesture. (Starts at around the 9:00 mark)

Upon watching this segment with KARD, fans thought that the host was racist and took to Twitter to share their views on the matter:


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