Surely the pros must outweigh the cons though right, KARD?
20 Jul 2017 - 10:55 AM  UPDATED 20 Jul 2017 - 10:55 AM

After months of anticipation, coed group KARD have finally made their official debut last night with the release of their new single and 1st mini-album, "Hola Hola!" To mark the occasion, the quartet held a showcase for their album, where they not only performed some of their songs but also talked about what it's like being in a coed group.

Dispelling any notion of dating, Jiwoo said that she doesn't think there are any "feelings of attraction" between the female and male members since everyone thinks of each other like brother and sister. J.Seph put it even more bluntly by hilariously saying "it is a thoroughly business relationship!"

As for the pros and cons in being in a coed group, Somin revealed that having male and female members is great since this allows KARD to show off unique concepts that single-gender groups can't. It terms of cons, she then lightheartedly says that having male and female members is a bit more difficult in terms of logistics, such as the need for 2 changing rooms!

Beyond the group's hilarious reveals about being in a coed group, KARD also surprised fans at their showcase by revealing their official fandom name as "Hidden KARD!"

B.M explained that while the 4 members fill in the K, A, and R of their group name, the D is filled in by their fans and that the quartet wouldn't be where they are without all the fan support. Awwww!

We're just happy to see your official debut, KARD! Can't wait until you hit the music show stage!


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