Social commentary on the brutality of the school system, a mysterious vigilante and hints of a soul-crushing love triangle? Sign us up!
24 Jul 2017 - 3:37 PM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2017 - 3:38 PM

The massively popular "School" series is back with another installment, and it’s already shaping up to be super intense. Full of insight into the very real difficulties that students face, "School 2017" follows Ra Eun Ho, a cheerful but not particularly academically gifted student, as she tackles discrimination and the pressures of an incredibly toxic school environment. Only two episodes have aired, but this drama has already won our hearts.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should start watching "School 2017" (if you aren’t already)!

5. The storyline is intense

And by intense, we're talking fights in the classroom, students studying so hard that their fingers get completely messed up, and of course, the mysterious hooded hero. It’s kind of messed up, but you can’t help but want to find out more/punch some of the adults. And even though the drama is intense, there’s nice little moments interspersed here and there. Like Kim Sejeong’s character Eun Ho sneaking a peek at Tae Woon’s shirtless body (wink wink). 

4. The issues explored by the show strike a chord

The "School" series is known for putting a spotlight on major issues that school students struggle with, so it’s no surprise that the subject matter of "School 2017" is thought-provoking. At its core, "School 2017" remains a drama that explores the lives of students – their worries about the future and the troubles that plague them in all aspects of their lives.

However, the depiction of a harsh and discriminatory grade-based status system brings the focus of "School 2017" onto the negative ideal that academic performance determines the outcome of life, and the injustice of using connections to gain preferential treatment. It’s only been two episodes, but there’s already been some pretty deep stuff. 

3. How could you not love all the main characters?

Our lovely female lead is eccentric/borderline-crazy, delusional at times, and slightly superficial - though to be fair, we would also definitely try harder to get into Hanguk University if we thought that we had the chance of dating cute stuff Kang Min Hyuk from CNBlue.

We’ve got our typical bad-boy-but-actually-kinda-a-softy in Tae Woon, son of the school’s chairman who’s fully kitted out with his own badass motorbike and beats up guys when he thinks Eun Ho is in danger. And how can we forget Dae Hwi, the epitome of a nice guy, who consistently ranks first and has lots of hidden hurts, and maybe even more secrets. 

2. Parodies of K-dramas within a K-drama!

The current rate of parodies in "School 2017" is at one per episode, and it’s honestly amazing. There’s just something special about dramas poking fun at themselves with little references dropped here and there.

We’ve gotten a shout-out to "Love in the Moonlight" in the first episode courtesy of Eun Ho’s cute little daydream of having a college bae. And even better, the iconic phone flick-and-catch move that Song Joong Ki pulled in "Descendants of the Sun" has been not-so-sneakily stuck into the second episode, featuring the "DoTS" OST and a little bit of role reversal to spice things up.

1. So. Many. Questions.

Are you even watching a K-Drama if you’re not left wondering what the heck everything means by the end of two episodes?

There’s so much mystery that’s been built up in "School 2017." and it’s going to be fun to see how it all unravels. But for now, we’re stuck theorising over answers to our questions – things like why was Tae Woon being chased by guys on motorbikes? What’s the history between Dae Hwi and Tae Woon? Is there a secret organisation of students who have been pulling all the pranks, or is it one hero? And when will our bae, Rowoon from SF9, turn up?? 

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