We nominate SHINee's Minho surprising Jonghyun on his last "Blue Night" broadcast! *Cries happy tears*
26 Jul 2017 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 26 Jul 2017 - 3:25 PM

K-pop may be filled with those bombastic live performances and awesome music videos, but there are those quieter, more wholesome moments that give fans equally as much joy.

In an interesting new thread over on Reddit, fans got into a fascinating discussion about some of the most memorable wholesome moments in K-pop. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some of the most memorable wholesome moments in K-pop according to fans:

  • Apink's manager filling in for Eunji during a rehearsal for Remember.

  • When an injured Suga couldn't perform with BTS at SBS Gayo and decided to go on a hilariously adorable and probably slightly incoherent tweetstorm.
  • Jung Chaeyeon's manager wouldn't let her high five fans, so she'd watch him and when he turned away, she'd sneakily do it anyway.
    Also, the moment when Kim Jonghyun became the Nation's Leader.

  • Minho surprising Jonghyun on his last Blue Night broadcast He even brings the softest tissue he could find cause he knew Jjong would cry hold me both of them are so soft

  • In general just seeing the genuine happiness of any first music show win but as a specific kpop moment, luna using sign language during a performance for a deaf fan, and wheein doing so during a fan sign!

  • hani and twice

  • My favorite music show win, to this day, is 2AM's first win. Jokwon waited 7 years to even debut, and never thought he would ever make it that far, and he is just bawling, while the rest of the group is just so visibly moved. Also, how proud Taecyeon, who was MCing that night, was, and how excited he was announcing their win. Just makes me so happy.

  • Probably unsurprising if you pay much attention to the group, Mamamoo's got a big queer following. So in support of this year's Seoul Pride Festival, LGBT Mamamoo fans formed a fundraising group in support of the festival, raising several thousand dollars. They also had a full page spread for Mamamoo in the pride festival's pamphlet.
  • Just the way BTOB reacted to Peniel talking about his hair loss. Changsub keeps kissing his head, but also, around the end of last year they did a V LIVE broadcast where they had to draw their most memorable moment from debut til then, and the majority of them drew Peniel, bald and happy

Which wholesome K-pop moment is the most memorable for you, PopAsians?


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