Fans of Keijo anime are trying to recreate the butt-wrestling water-sport!
27 Jul 2017 - 2:29 PM  UPDATED 27 Jul 2017 - 3:05 PM

In one of the most bizarre instances of fantasy becoming real-life, fans of the butt-slamming sports anime Keijo are trying to develop the obscure water-based contact event into an actual sport!

The group, called Keijo Portugal, are attempting to recreate the women’s only wrestling competition as an official sporting event.

The idea came as a joke, during an after party of an anime event where we asked the people at the party if they liked us to do the sport,The group told Portuguese pop culture site, PTAnime. “We must emphasise that this activity despite being based on [an] anime is quite different.

To effectively and safely appropriate the sport, the team redesigned the gear and rules, which according to them, makes the sport new and incomparable to the anime.

As you can imagine it would not be possible to use a platform equal to the anime,” They said. “We had to opt for an inflatable where the participants did not get hurt, and protect the participants by creating armour, so they can practice this new sport in maximum safety.

[We] first spoke with the creator [who] supported our initiative very early,” They continued. “We were not expecting the project to be discovered by the community and gain this [much] dimension so quickly. We are still dealing with some details including setting up an event as a way to present the modality. Now that it’s discovered, the pressure is quite large.

Keijo Portugal are continuing to develop the game and welcome others to join them. The team hope the sport will become internationally successful, but for now, they are hosting small competitions and classes for those interested.

Keijo is a sports manga by Daichi Sorayami, which was subsequently adapted into an anime TV series by Xebec. The show follows a women-only sport that involves competitors knocking each other off a platform in a pool of water using only their breasts and behinds. Sadly for fans, the manga was abruptly cancelled earlier this year following the conclusion of the animated series.

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