Just call them Dots, and start carving out an hour of your schedule now.
27 Jul 2017 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 27 Jul 2017 - 1:18 PM

Japanese idols have tried out a lot of styles and stunts in an effort to stand out over the last few years. Hard-rock groups collaborating with experimental legends for brain-melting performance art? Check. Vaporwave units releasing live performances on VHS tape? Yep. Trios poking fun at idol culture over Shibuya-kei backdrops? You better believe it! One would think finding something fresh would be near impossible in 2017 for fledgling idol acts.


The group ········· (or Dots, which is what they shall be referred to from henceforth) announced this week that their debut physical single will come out on August 16, giving fans across Japan the chance to hear the proclaimed "shoegaze" idols. That is some great news for fans, right up until you get to the part where said release will be one, 70-minute-plus song called “Tokyo.” Needless to day, the unique combination of “shoegaze” idols plus extremely long song have got people buzzing online.

Shoegaze idols isn’t necessarily new, as numerous other independent idol groups have played around with the same sound — here’s a mix, for reference — but Dots commit to it 110% on their forthcoming release. It’s technically a handful of songs fused together (with help from ambient artist Hakobune) into one giant track, but we can’t think of any idols doing something similar to that.

Dots have been around a little bit now and yet they remain quite a mysterious group, given their unique group name and the fact members don’t show who they are or have been identified by name yet. They perform live, and have released one digital EP called "Shuwa Shuwa", but share just as many cryptic YouTube videos as they do songs. But for all of the strange uploads, their channel feature just as many videos of the group having fun.

While we wait for their hour-plus song to arrive, watch one of their other feedback-soaked songs below.


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