Because sometimes parents just don't understand how vitally important K-Dramas are.
31 Jul 2017 - 3:57 PM  UPDATED 31 Jul 2017 - 3:57 PM

Most parents seem to have an innate aversion towards the idea of their children enjoying the wonders of television once they’ve reached an age where things like responsibilities and study exist. Parents also seem to find immense pleasure in barging in every so often to disrupt the pursuit of television-derived enjoyment by nagging us to study, or something equally as ridiculous as that. And when it comes to K-Dramas, they just don’t relent.

It’s time to take a stand and help your parents understand just how important watching dramas is. Though these excuses might not exactly be your main motivation for pursuing that #dramalyf (because hello hot Korean guys and amazingly cute romance plots), it’s not like they’re a complete lie. Maybe.

Here’s five excuses that your parents will totally buy into:

5. "I’m developing my cultural competence!"

Accompany this excuse with a bunch of sophisticated looking hand gestures and your parents will not only accept your drama watching life, they’ll wholeheartedly support your endeavours.

Just think of it this way – you’re showing them that you’re a mature individual who is possibly developing useful skills that will later benefit your career and just life in general. What parent could say no to that?

4. "I’m developing my understanding of human relationships, betrayal and love!"

K-dramas are often an excellent exploration of the nature of love and betrayal – just think of all those melodramas with the evil mothers or business people who are always scheming to separate the leads, get control of the company, or both.

If your parents can get behind you learning about betrayal, revenge, and other assorted humanistic themes at school through Shakespeare and the like, they should be supportive of K-drama watching too. 

3. "It’s research on society in South Korea!"

There’s so much you can learn about Korean society just by watching dramas! And if your parents don’t believe you, all you have to do is pull out your K-drama knowledge to prove your experience! How else were you supposed to learn about the importance of fried chicken and their fast delivery in Korea if not by either visiting the country or watching some dramas?

If it weren't for K-dramas, how would you know that age is super important in Korean society, and how would you know the respectful titles for elders? See, K-dramas are so useful. 

2. "I’m learning Korean!"

They say that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it – listen to songs, watch television shows, read the language and the like. If you listen to K-pop and try to decipher the meaning behind Korean social media posts by your favourite groups (in addition to watching K-dramas of course), you’re basically a bonafide Korean language student already, minus the structured lessons.

And if your parents still aren’t convinced about you learning Korean, just mention that learning another language makes you smarter. That’s probably true, right? 

1. "I'm doing an intellectual comparison of the differences between Western television and Korean television!"

If everything else failed to move your parents’ hearts, use this as a last resort. After all, how can they tell you to stop watching and study if you claim that your study is about K-dramas? Extra kudos to you if you're actually doing a subject like Society and Culture or something similar, and are actually doing a major work on this kind of topic (great idea TBH).

If you don't though, fear not. Just mention something about the different representations of romance and throw in some fancy words in (‘accentuates’ is always a good one), and you're almost guaranteed to impress your parents and win drama watching rights.  

Then again, you could probably get your parents hooked onto dramas as well and skip having to use these excuses. How hard could it be? 

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