"The wall between me and [BEAST] built up slowly and instead of choosing harmony, I chose to grow distant."
1 Aug 2017 - 10:01 AM  UPDATED 1 Aug 2017 - 10:04 AM

It's been over a year since Hyunseung left BEAST due to musical differences, and now the singer has opened up about his side of the split with a personal apology.

In a new post on his Instagram, Hyunseung share a long apology over what had happened with his departure from BEAST, writing that his own pride and stubbornness ultimately drove a wedge between himself and the rest of the group members.

Here's a translation of Hyunseung's apology;

During the past seven years, as part of BEAST before I left the group, I received a lot of love,” he wrote. “Since I was young, I thought that the people who sing and dance on TV were really cool, so I embraced my big dream and trained for five years. Through a good opportunity, I was able to debut as BEAST with my members.

After debuting, it seemed like I’d realized my dream, but while promoting there were things I was uncomfortable with and a thirst for music that couldn’t be resolved. Rather than focusing on group promotions and building teamwork, I was stubborn about my own affairs. Even when I listened to what other people had to say, I’d immediately focus again on my own stubbornness and pride, so I made it hard for my members and the other people around me. The wall between me and the members built up slowly and instead of choosing harmony, I chose to grow distant.

I slowly lost the ability to control myself and showed bad attitude in public, including on stage. I thought that immature image of myself was me enjoying my youth. I thought all that was me being cool. Now that I look back on it, I am deeply regretful.

It was difficult for me to say that I was sorry because of my stubbornness and needless pride. But after leaving the group, I experienced a lot of things and went through a hard time. After laying down my pride, I could finally hit the floor that I was stubbornly holding out from, and from that floor I came to a realization and became free. I have only given scars to other people. I now understand how my carelessness and selfish decisions hurt other people so I really want to say I’m sorry to those people. I’m sorry.

Following Hyunseung's departure from BEAST, the group subsequently left their company, Cube Entertainment, and re-branded as HIGHLIGHT at the start of 2017. As for Hyunseung, he recently released a new solo track titled "Home."


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