You can ask us any question you want, DAY6! (We'll probably be too starstruck to answer though...)
7 Aug 2017 - 1:00 PM  UPDATED 7 Aug 2017 - 1:04 PM

Get ready for a big question from DAY6 because the band is back with their newest single "What Can I Do!"

The latest release from their year-long "Every DAY6" project, "What Can I Do" sees the band exchange their recent pop-rock sound for a more synth-rock aesthetic. Befitting the musical change is the MV, which sees Sungjin making googly eyes at a beautiful girl as he tries to figure out a way to approach her, as well as the rest of the DAY6 boys getting up to high school shenanigans.

Check out DAY6's "What Can I Do" MV right here and let us know what you think.


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