Totally did not realise that 4minute’s Jihyun was in this drama!
8 Aug 2017 - 1:07 PM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2017 - 1:07 PM

It’s time to reconsider everything you ever thought you knew about delivery people...

From the previews of this drama, it seemed like Strongest Deliveryman was going to be the wacky comedy fix that we never knew we needed. With dramatic delivery scooter races and intense gangster-esque scenes it was bound to be a bundle of laughs.

While the first two episodes have lived up to their rep, Strongest Deliveryman has served up some serious moments that were totally unexpected. 

Here’s 6 things that stood out from the first two episodes:


1. So many rude and blood-boiling characters

The amount of obnoxiously rude or just downright pervy characters they’ve managed to fit into two episodes surely must have broken some sort of drama record. Everything from your classic rich snob, who thinks they own the world just because they’re rich, to the concerningly typical weird underwear stealing pervert.

2. Dan Ah is as tough as nails

As if her introduction, with an over-dramatic slow motion shot drifting on her motorbike, wasn’t enough of an indication that she's a tough badass, Dan Ah cements it in the first two episodes. With some hectic hapkido moves and highly unrealistic card-throwing-from-a-moving-motorbike skills, and a massive fan club, it’s clear that Dan Ah is the coolest person in the neighbourhood.

3. So. Many. Family. Issues.  

It’s standard for K-dramas to show some pretty sad and complicated family relationships. But wow, this drama is hitting us with the full brunt of it all, and it’s only been two episodes. It's intense. Think someone getting beaten up with a golf club by their father... I have some very mixed feelings about everything. 

4. So much fate and destiny  

If I were to describe the character relationships in this drama, I'd say it’s a whole bunch of coincidental meetings that are almost entirely too coincidental. Honestly, what are the chances that the main characters were actually on the same train five years ago, and in the same carriage too? It’s also interesting how they show the unexpected consequences of some actions *cough cough* that part where the highway is closed off...

5. Playing on all our vehicle fears

Any seasoned drama addict will know that cars/motorbikes in K-dramas are a bad sign and a promise of pain for our poor hearts. So if characters in a drama being ANYWHERE near a road or motor vehicle stresses you out, just warning you that the first five minutes of ep. one will actually cause your heart to stop functioning. And it just gets worse from then on, so brace yourself.

6. The main character is a crazy-person at times

No, it’s not just you. Everyone calls Kang So - the main character - a psycho and they are completely justified. Like damn, that boy needs to get his priorities straight. You’d think that after seeing someone get hit by a car (and go flying into the air and everything???), you’d be upset because you just saw someone bleeding out on the road and you’re angry on their behalf. Ha, not Kang Soo. His fury stems from the thought of someone missing out on their delivery. Priorities, am I right?

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