Some think that Kang Daniel deserves more WANNA ONE centre time as the No.1 trainee from "Produce 101."
9 Aug 2017 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 9 Aug 2017 - 11:56 AM

WANNA ONE made their highly-anticipated debut just a few days ago with their mega-successful first single "Energetic," which has topped charts in Korea and racked up an impressive amount of views already. While fans are stoked that the boys are finally here, some aren't too happy at what is perceived as a lack of centre time for Kang Daniel, the No.1 ranking trainee at the end of "Produce 101."

Netizens pointed out that as the No.1 ranking trainee, Kang Daniel was supposed to be the centre of WANNA ONE's debut song. But upon the release of the MV, some have noted that he was only the centre at the end of the song and is positioned at the back for most of the track.  

Here are some of the comments made by netizens in regards to the perceived centre time issues for Kang Daniel:

  • Yeah what was the point of voting if this was going to happen? He's only a center in title
  • I remember YMC got a ton of hate with IOI too because Jun Somi was the center but she barely got anything in their first title track; here's the same mistake again. Can't tell if it's YMC's mistake or CJ's... Please stop emphasizing the center spot on the show if they don't get any perks for it.
  • Please keep your promise to the nation's producers. You promised us that the #1 trainee would be the center for the debut track. I could barely even see him, let alone see that he was center.
  • I was looking for to Daniel debuting as the center, didn't think he'd be pushed away like this ㅠㅠ
  • I doubted he was center because he was only on the side and had no parts... he looked like the group's rapper and nothing more. Mnet promised the viewers that the #1 trainee would be the center of the debut group and the debut song.


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