BTS, Diplo, Jillonaire, and Walshy Fire - that's a LOT of star power in one room!
10 Aug 2017 - 12:19 PM  UPDATED 10 Aug 2017 - 1:31 PM

Last week saw American EDM trio MAJOR LAZER share photos of themselves with BTSRap Monster and Jungkook, as well as the teasing caption, "About to make a movie with my Korean squad" from Diplo.

Now we have a good idea about what that movie is!

In a new tweet from MAJOR LAZER, the trio shared a short one-minute video of Walshy Fire talking about his time on tour and his experience performing at the 2017 Jisan Valley Rock Festival. Rap Monster, Jungkook, Diplo, and Jillionaire all feature towards the end of the video, where they're seen hanging out and chatting.

Both artists have been busy recently, with BTS prepping for their comeback, MAJOR LAZER on their tour, and Diplo busy with various music projects, as well as being the subject of What Would Diplo Do?, which you can stream on SBS on Demandor watch on SBS VICELAND.

We have our fingers crossed that this movie clip could lead to a music-related collaboration between BTS and MAJOR LAZER in the future!

Watch What Would Diplo Do? on Tuesdays from 8 August at 8:30pm on SBS VICELAND.


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