'Korean Dream' was released today.
15 Aug 2017 - 1:41 PM  UPDATED 15 Aug 2017 - 1:41 PM

Korean-born, Australian singer-song writer Dami Im participated in a project song with Korean, and international musicians, wishing for the reunification of South and North Korea. The song titled ‘Korean Dream’ was released today, on Korea’s 72nd National Liberation Day. ‘Korean Dream’ is the second project song of One K Media’s ‘One K Global Campaign Song’ project. The first one, titled ‘One Dream, One Korea’ was released in 2015.

At a press conference in Seoul on Monday, Dami said she believes even issues that are uncomfortable and difficult to be solved through talks, can be conveyed through music, and that anger and sorrow can be dissolved. She added, the strength of music can especially prove its power in issues as complicated and sensitive as the reunification of the two Koreas.

The talented 29-year-old is the winner of Australia’s The X Factor, and has achieved the highest ever Eurovision score as an Australian representative. 

TAEYANG comeback

Anticipation is growing on Big Bang member Taeyang’s solo comeback with his new album White Night. The teaser for title track ‘Darling’ was released on Monday, two days before the comeback. It's been arousing huge curiosity about the full track. The 50-second video shows the soulful singer inside a sandstorm, with views of high buildings and even a vast landscape of Alaska. The teaser ends with Taeyang’s unique voice singing ‘Darling, darling you, all I got is you.' According to Taeyang’s own description of the track, the lyrics in the beginning may sound like a break-up song, but in the end it’s about love, asking for people to listen to the very end of the piece.

And it’ll also be worth listening through to the end of the album, as rapper, producer, and boy group Block B’s leader Zico features in it. Taeyang reportedly made the offer to Zico to take part in the album, and Zico happily agreed. 

Meanwhile, the offline album, coming out next week, is receiving much attention too, as the jacket is 100 per cent handmade with real flowers. 

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