GOT7? JJ Project? Something else? Tell us what you think Jackson's solo album would sound like!
15 Aug 2017 - 12:44 PM  UPDATED 15 Aug 2017 - 12:44 PM

Between looking ridiculously handsome for various fashion brands and appearing in various variety shows, GOT7's Jackson has managed to squeeze in the release of a new solo track, titled "Generation 2." However, it appears that this solo track is the start of something because Jackson has dropped hints about his solo album!

In a new post on his Instagram, Jackson shared a photo of China's Vchart, which his song "Generation 2" has topped for five weeks. In the caption, Jackson thanked all his fans for all the support they've been giving him before dropping the bombshell that his first solo album is "coming up soon!"

Aside from that confirmation of a solo album from the GOT7 member "who is a guy who raps," Jackson didn't reveal any more details about what fans can expect, though we can certainly expect some hints in the coming weeks.

With JJ Project recently making their comeback, and now Jackson about to release his solo debut album, it's a great time to be a GOT7 fan!


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