One of the toughest games just got a lot harder.
16 Aug 2017 - 2:41 PM  UPDATED 16 Aug 2017 - 2:41 PM

A Twitch streamer is beating From Software’s Bloodborne using a Dance Dance Revolution electronic dance mat.

Streamer ATwerkingYoshi is currently live-streaming his play-through of Bloodborne, replacing the traditional PS4 controller with a dance mat from Dance Dance Revolution. In a post on Imgur, he admits the experience is a challenge but rewarding because of its fun approach to fitness.

“What makes this run a bit more special is the crazy way I have to set this up,” he wrote.

“Since Bloodborne is only on the PS4, I had to get a bit crafty with my set-up. I hooked up my dance pads to my PC to be scripted as keyboard inputs. Then I scripted those inputs to pass through a Titan One to emulate a PS4 controller.”

“There were some hiccups but it was solid for 90 percent of the first run,” he continued.

“I do not have enough buttons to emulate a full PS4 controller but I make do with what I have. Most importantly, I need to make sure I have a parry button or this run will be too much to handle.”

ATwerkingYoshi had previously beaten Dark Souls 3, another tough action role playing game by From Software, using a dance pad, but felt the play style was a better fit for Bloodborne because of its more natural movement and combat.

“I do enjoy the ‘no-time-to-rest’ style Bloodborne provides,” he said. “No shields [means I’m] always moving!”

Bloodborne is a popular action role-playing game on the PS4 by Japanese developer From Software. The game involves you taking on the role of a hunter tasked with defeating demons and beasts in the world, and is notorious for being excruciatingly difficult.

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