Unsurprisingly, being a YouTuber is super competitive and not an easy gig!
16 Aug 2017 - 2:30 PM  UPDATED 16 Aug 2017 - 2:33 PM

Every Monday, YouTubers Joey the Anime Man and Aki Dearest join forces to bring you The Anime Show, an hour that covers what’s hot, what’s not, what’s new and what you should be watching in the world of anime!

In the latest episode, Joey and Aki and joined by a guest - YouTube CrankGameplays' host, Ethan! This week, the trio decide to pull the curtain back on what it is like being a YouTuber and what goes on behind-the-scenes that viewers may not know about.

From being in the YouTube community to meeting a YouTuber in person (and being surprised at how different they are), here are a few of the insights into what it's like being a YouTuber, as described by three big-name YouTubers:

  • It takes a lot of time  - As weird as it is to say, being a popular YouTuber is a job and it means watching an excessive amount of anime, or playing a lot of games, and then spending even more time formulating an opinion and making the actual video. Needless to say, it takes a LOT of time!
  • It's super competitive - Gaming and anime are areas that's rapidly growing and thus it's getting hard to stand out!
  • You immediately assume people don't like you - Within the anime and gaming YouTube community, content creators often immediately assume people don't like them, whether it is due to competitiveness or trying to stand out in a space that's getting more and more crowded (kind of like high school!).
  • On-screen personas differ to off-screen personas - For some YouTubers, they like to portray exaggerated "characters" when in front of the camera in order to establish a rapport with their audience. This is turn can lead to surprises among fans who meet YouTubers in person as people can be quite different off-camera compared to their videos.

Listen right here to Joey, AkiDearest, and CrankGameplays talk about the ins and outs of being part of the YouTuber community:


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