Fans had sent an 18-page request to YG asking for feedback on iKON-related matters.
18 Aug 2017 - 11:17 AM  UPDATED 18 Aug 2017 - 11:17 AM

Following a fan request sent to YG Entertainment in July regarding feedback about matters related to iKON, fans of the group - known as iKONICS - have issued out a fan boycott announcement to the company.  

In a new statement released on August 17, fans state that YG had supposedly ignored their feedback requests regarding a lack of Korean promotions for the group, as well as alleged cancellations of planned events, thus they will now be boycotting all YG-related iKON goods.

Here's a translation of the message from iKON fans to YG:

"We are iKONIC, the fandom to YG Entertainment's artist iKON. After iKON debuted on September 15, 2015, YG Entertainment's treatment of iKON has been continuously problematic.

Among many other issues, the members had intense schedules that did not consider their well-being; they had an incredible amount of overseas schedules compared to their incredibly few Korean schedules; their promotional plans were continuously cancelled; their image management was non-existent; and their styling was not improved. We spent a lot of time and effort from June 17 to July 20 to prepare an 18-page protest, and we sent this to YG Entertainment through fax, email, physical mail, and SNS.We requested feedback until August 11, and we have been waiting for a sincere answer to our protest.

However, on July 30, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a shocking three-line post on his SNS. He wrote, 'Concerns about IKON are the most useless concerns! Just wait for September and October... The days we will laugh happily will come'.When we iKONICs saw his post, we couldn't help but laugh emptily. A sincere protest that we spent about a month on was dismissed as 'useless concerns', and he talked about September and October, where iKON are scheduled for back-to-back performances for their Japanese tour. We couldn't help but be angry at calling those days, ones 'we would laugh happily'.

Not only so, he made the most basic mistake of stylizing iKON into IKON, and nothing about the answer was proper. The post was deleted two hours later, and we did not get feedback on August 11.We iKONICs tried to think of the artist and the label's image and tried to solve things in a friendly way, but the label denied us that. We have decided to boycott all YG goods, incuding the 'iKON SUMMERTIME SEASON 2 in BALI' DVD that will be released on August 23.

We will continue this boycott until we get a proper feedback from YG."


In response to the fan boycott, YG have issued out a statement claiming that “this has occurred from a misunderstanding” and "iKON released a new single album in May of this year, and they are continuously preparing for a new album and have plans to meet domestic fans often."

YG further states that “recently, iKON members individually appeared on MBC’s ‘Oppa’s Thoughts’ and SBS’s ‘Fantastic Duo’ and will also soon appear on SBS’s ‘Law of the Jungle.’ The iKON members are also steadily pursuing individual activities.”


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