If KCON LA was anything to go by, KCON Australia is going to be LIT! #LetsKCON #KCONAustralia
21 Aug 2017 - 12:39 PM  UPDATED 21 Aug 2017 - 12:40 PM

We may be month away before KCON Australia 2017 kicks off, but the KCON festivities are already happening in America as fans have been enjoying the best of what Korea culture has to offer at KCON LA 2017!

To shine a light on KCON LA 2017 (and to get hyped for KCON Australia 2017!), we've decided to take to take a look at some of the highlights of the event.

From fans getting their dance on to some great performances from the line-up of great artists, here are seven great moments (in no particular order) that happened at KCON LA 2017!

7. Heize receiving an Olaf backpack from a fan and giving the fan a hug in return

Heize held one of the sweetest fan meets of the event, which was capped off with a heartwarming moment when she accepted an Olaf backpack as a gift from a fan. The singer was so grateful that she gave the fan a hug, which made the fan burst out into tears of happiness!

6. Fans meeting WANNA ONE for the first time

With WANNA ONE making waves as one of the hottest K-pop acts at the moment, fans were absolutely ecstatic to meet the rookie boy group for a high touch!

(Can't wait until WANNA ONE bring their awesomeness Down Under next month for KCON Australia!)

5. SF9 slaying it up with antics and their cover of Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry"

SF9 have established themselves as one of the best up and coming K-pop dancers since their debut, and they lit up the stage when the boys decided to get up to some game shenanigans with the crowd.

This was all then topped off when the boys decided to bust out their cover of the Super Junior classic, "Sorry Sorry!"

4. The many, many, many unforgettable hi-touches!

The fan meets are among the most popular events at KCON, and KCON LA 2017 weren't short of some awesome fan engagements - particularly the hi-touches! 

From GOT7 and WANNA ONE to Cosmic Girls and Girl's Day, fans won't be washing their hands any time soon!

3. SEVENTEEN's Vernon whipping out his best "TT" dance

SEVENTEEN brought an overwhelming amount of cheers when they hit the stage (unsurprisingly), but this was made all the better when Vernon decided to whip out his moves for a quick cover of TWICE's "TT!"

2. Cosmic Girls absolutely killing it with their BTS dance cover

Cosmic Girls are known for their colourful stage presence, but the group cranked it up a notch (or 3) when they performed a wicked dance cover of BTS' "I Need U!"

If this is any indication of what to expect from Cosmic Girls, we're SUPER EXCITED to see what they have in store for KCON Australia!

1. K-pop fans getting their dance on!

It's become almost a tradition at KCON for fans to get their dance on, and KCON LA 2017 saw a number of massively popular K-pop random play dance games take place.

With countless fans attending these games and showcasing their dancing prowess time and time again, we will never get tired of seeing fans show their love of K-pop through the power of dance!



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