She appeared in Epik High's "Born Hater" music video!
22 Aug 2017 - 2:01 PM  UPDATED 22 Aug 2017 - 2:01 PM

Today is a special birthday for KARD's Somin. The sexy female vocalist turns 21 (22 in Korean age)! To mark her special day, here are some fun facts about her.

1. She has debuted three times with Puretty, April (as leader) and KARD.

2. At 163cm, she is the shortest member of KARD. 

3. When she first met J.seph, she thought he was really handsome.

4. When asked what job she'd like to try out for a day, Somin picked being a police officer as she loves crime and legal dramas.

5. Her favourite nickname is "Somu."

6. She is a fan of Ariana Grande and has done covers of songs such as "Almost Is Never Enough" and "My Everything." 

7. Although she can eat spicy food, she dislikes food with strong herb smells such as ginger and coriander.

8. She competed as a contestant on the competition reality show, KARA Project, where she finished in second place. She was also noted for her similar looks to Goo Hara.


9. She appeared in Epik High's "Born Hater" music video.


10. If she had a younger sister, she said she would introduce her to B.M


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