"Thank you for supporting me, and cheering me on, and having my back, even fighting my battles for me."
23 Aug 2017 - 9:22 AM  UPDATED 23 Aug 2017 - 9:22 AM

The recent announcement that Alex is no longer a member of BP RaNia drew a lot of attention from fans over the past few days, and now the rapper herself has shared a video message to fans about her feelings about everything.

In Alex's new video, which was shared on her Twitter account, she re-confirms the news that she is no longer a part of BP RaNia, saying that it was the "craziest, hardest, and most surreal two years" of her life where she got to live her ultimate dream, as well as being an inspiration to fans.

Alex then says that she hopes her no longer being in a K-pop group won't take away all the impact she had as a member of a K-pop group, before giving a heartfelt thanks to all her fans for all the support over the past few years. 

Wishing you well in whatever you do next, Alex!


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Alex sends out 1st tweets since leaving BP RaNia (and fans are in a frenzy)
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Alex is no longer a member of BP RaNia
"This decision is not due to rumors such as racism etc."
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