All together, you can imagine what 40 seconds of the song sounds like.
24 Aug 2017 - 11:17 AM  UPDATED 24 Aug 2017 - 11:18 AM

The release of Perfume’s latest single, “If you wanna,” draws ever closer.

The electro-pop trio’s latest song comes out on August 30, and at the end of July they shared a (very brief) snippet from the number. With less than a week to go before it hits shelves - digital or physical - they’ve shared another quick look at “If you wanna,” which you can check out below.

The first preview of “If you wanna” was surprisingly sparse, highlighting a stretch of the song that felt more like a build-up to release rather than the centre of the single. Well, the new clip (above) sheds light on the latter. While still just a small taste of the song as a whole, this latest angle on the single zeroes in on what could be summed up as the drop; the part of “If you wanna” where the music consumes the vocals in a flurry of digi firecrackers. Producer Yasutaka Nakata has been channeling EDM more directly in recent years, and “If you wanna’s” center updates the start-stop dynamic of 2010’s “Natural Ni Koishite” into something that could match up with the lighting plan at an Ultra Music festival.

The video preview, meanwhile, furthers that image...or maybe someone left the smoke machine on a little too long. During the 20-second clip, the trio dance in a foggy room surrounded by flashing lights and moments of glitched-out visuals. Perfume’s actual moves are as tight and precise as ever; at one point, it appears they sorta dab? Or at least offer up their version of what a dab might look like.

Thankfully, the whole song drops next week, so we don’t have to piece together two preview snippets to imagine what the whole number will sound like. Keep your eyes posted for the full video sometime soon!

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