Their new album and tour could make over $230 million!
24 Aug 2017 - 5:30 PM  UPDATED 24 Aug 2017 - 6:47 PM

TVXQ only announced their big comeback plans earlier this week, but their return is already predicted to rake in some serious cash.

Naver reports that the duo's Japanese activities alone could generation over 20 billion yen, which equals about $231 million AUD.

Their Japanese promotions include a new 40-track greatest hits album with re-recorded versions of all their classic material, which Naver predicts will sell over one million copies - making it the highest-selling TVXQ album ever.

They're also embarking on a five-city dome tour, which will feature a lot of merchandise for sale.

After wrapping up their Japanese activities, TVXQ will be back in Korea early next year to release their long-awaited Korean comeback album.

It's great to see that TVXQ are still so popular after more than a decade in the industry!

[Translation via @Snxy]

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