Are we just seeing things? I mean, we'd love a collab guys!
25 Aug 2017 - 2:56 PM  UPDATED 25 Aug 2017 - 2:58 PM

So Taylor Swift (Tay Tay) is BACK! The whole world knows this because she's trending on Twitter. Everywhere!

While her fans are in a spin of frenzied excitement, we're excited because there's some - very slight - similarities between Tay Tay and K-pop star, G-Dragon's promos!

The font is the same, and they both have text written over their faces. Also, Tay has been using only red, black and white in her online promos, which are the main colours on GD's Motte promo.

It's pretty cool (even if it is coincidence) that one of the biggest Western pop stars and biggest K-pop stars are totally in tune - creatively. 

Does it mean anything, or are we just getting waaay too ahead of ourselves? I mean, sure, we'd love to see a collab, but we're assuming this is just a beautiful coincidence...what are your thoughts?

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