If he had to choose one BIGBANG member to date he’d choose Daesung. Naaaw.
31 Aug 2017 - 11:42 AM  UPDATED 31 Aug 2017 - 12:20 PM

Known for his honey-like vocals and stellar dance moves Taeyang has made a name for himself in the K-pop industry. While he’s part of mega group BIGBANG, he’s also had major success being a solo artist with his latest album "White Night."

Let’s get to know more about Taeyang!

1. Taeyang’s name means ‘Sun’ in Korean and he has usually referenced this with every solo album he’s put out, from Solar (2010), Rise (2014) and most recently White Night (2017).

2. He went on a blind date with Girls' Generation member Yuri. While they didn’t actually date, they became friends with Yuri inviting him to one of Girls' Generation’s concerts. 

3. Taeyang’s first ever kiss was when he was filming the music video "Ma Girl," with an actress. He was extremely nervous because he had never had a girlfriend before, but he played it cool and performed well!

4. If he had to choose one BIGBANG member to date he’d choose Daesung because he’s like a soulmate - they have similar personalities and sense of humour.

5. Taeyang originally started off as a rapper but became a singer due to a change of heart.

6. When he was younger he had a very strange dream that his mother was riding a unicorn and went flying in the sky (it’s no wonder why he talks in his sleep haha)!

7. He once had a major clash with G-Dragon when they were trainees over a basketball match.

8. G-Dragon claims to be the match-maker for Taeyang and his girlfriend Min Hyo-rin. G-Dragon suggested that Hyo-rin star in Taeyang’s music video "1AM," she accepted and the two began to date. (Classic G-Dragon with the smooth move ideas).


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