The original gang is reuniting.
31 Aug 2017 - 2:43 PM  UPDATED 31 Aug 2017 - 3:57 PM

After being omitted from a film remake retelling Ash’s journey in Kanto, fan favourites Misty and Brock are returning to the Pokemon TV series, albeit for only a few episodes.

The pair will appear in two episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon on September 14 and 21, where Ash will return to Kanto and reunite with his friends. Misty and Brock were first introduced in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue as the leaders of Cerulean City’s water gym and Pewter City’s rock gym, before becoming Ash’s companions in the original 90s anime series.

Seeing Misty and Brock return will no doubt bring a sense of nostalgia to the series for long-time fans, but the change in art style and character design in newer seasons compared to the original has left some disappointed. Misty and Brock’s new designs mirror western cartoons with a flatter more general art style.

Pokemon director Kunihiko Yuyama’s film reimagining of the first season, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, oddly removed Ash Ketchum’s best friends from his early adventures. Ash was instead joined by a pair of new characters with pokemon from regions that he hadn’t yet discovered, inconsistently aligning it with the series’ canon.

The film released in Japanese theatres on July 15 and, according to IMDB, is expected to release in Australia on November 5.

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