Expectation: Yeah sure, I can start another drama...Reality: Behind on 50 different K-dramas and multiple semesters behind for school.
1 Sep 2017 - 3:21 PM  UPDATED 1 Sep 2017 - 5:13 PM

Can you believe it's September!? Time flies when you’re trying to keep up with all the good dramas.

Here’s what you’ve got to keep an eye out for this month:

K-Dramas that begin in September

Andante (begins September 10)

For all you EXO-Ls. Starring EXO’s Kai, this drama is a coming-of-age story that follows Shi Kyung, a typical loser-like teenage boy, who has to adjust to change when his mother moves them out of the city. It might be a bit hard to reconcile the image of Kai, absolute hottie (I mean have you seen him in the Ko Ko Bop music video??), with that of a kinda wimpy high school boy who gets beaten up by his younger sister, but hey, he’ll probably be able to pull it off.

It's not your typical high school drama. Shi Kyung’s new school features a student hanging from a tree pretending to be dead, and all the students sleeping in coffins (for no particular reason??) among other weird and wacky things.

Temperature of Love (begins September 18)

If the title isn’t already giving you warm and fuzzy feelings, rest assured that this is a nice solid rom-com which shouldn’t have too much melodrama (watch out though, the male lead character apparently is scarred from problems with his mum). The drama explores the cute little online friendship that pops up between a possibly-more-than-slightly reckless aspiring screenwriter (Seo Hyun Jin) and a Michelin star chef (Yang Se Jong). Cuteness is pretty much guaranteed – how could it not be when the main characters have nicknames like ‘Nice Soup’ and ‘Curiosity Heaven’?

While You Were Sleeping (begins September 27)

Lee Jong Suk and our literal bae Suzy together on screen in the same drama? Is this a dream? Get ready for feels and much swooning (over both leads) because it's not a drill! These two oh-so-beautiful people are the leads in an intriguing legal-supernatural drama that follows Hong Ju (Suzy), an unemployed journalist who foresees future crimes, and Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk), a prosecutor who tries to stop them from happening.

Not excited yet?

Suzy’s rocking the short hair look in this drama!

Dramas to keep up with

Somehow 18 (28 August – 08 September)

Time travel seems to be a big thing in K-dramas. SHINee’s Minho is the male lead in this web drama, which tells the story of how a young man travels back in time to save his first love. Minho’s character, who was bullied and an outcast in high school, gets to completely re-do his high school experience, armed with all the style and life experience of a pretty successful adult. 

Hospital Ship (begins August 30)

Actress Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden) returns to dramas after a two year break in this medical thriller about a team of young doctors who provide medical services to island residents via a hospital ship. The drama also stars CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Seo Won, who low-key stole our hearts in The Liar and His Lover as the bassist of Crude Play. Just from the teasers, it’s already clear that this going to be one action-packed and incredibly intense drama. Aspiring doctors, this one is for you.


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