Are you the "Merch Queen" or the "in denial fan?" Let us know! #KCONAustralia #LetsKCON
6 Sep 2017 - 1:21 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2017 - 1:21 PM

It's not long now until KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA arrives!! To get ready for the arrival of the biggest Korean culture and K-pop festival in the world, let's take a glimpse at some of the different types of K-pop fans that will be at the event!

From the "K-pop cover dancer" to the "social media addict," here are 10 types of K-pop fans that you may encounter when you attend KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA come September time!

10. The K-pop cover dancer

With a talent contest and various K-pop dancing games on offer at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA, you are almost certainly going to run into a few K-pop cover dancers (who will try to show off their moves whenever they can)!

9. The social media addict

We all have smartphones and the like, but then there are those who come equipped with more gizmos than an Apple store!

These peeps probably won't remember what happened at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA in the moment, but they'll have more than enough video and photos to reconstruct the event!

8. The new K-pop fan

Not everyone at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA will be an experienced K-pop fan, so be sure to give these newbies a hand when it comes to choosing their new bias!

7. The merch queen

With the amount of merch available at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA, there will definitely be a few merch queens wandering about the event!

Never mind getting 1 or even 2 lightsticks, you need at least 4 - plus some posters and signed albums - to be a true merch queen!

6. The K-pop mum

K-pop fans come in all ages, thus there will undoubtedly be a few older people at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA whom we call the "K-pop mum" (or dad)! 

5. The old-school K-pop fan

K-pop has been around for quite a while, thus there will certainly be some older fans amongst the KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA crowd. There's a chance you may need to help these old-school K-pop fans get up to speed with who is hot right now.

4. The wannabe K-pop fan

Not everyone at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA will know every act on the line-up - but they get points for their enthusiasm and for having fun regardless!

3. The obsessed K-pop fan

While there will certainly be some newbies at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA, there will also be those on the other end of the spectrum - the obsessed K-pop fan!

They're like a walking K-pop encyclopedia on legs - just don't stand in their way when they see their bias!

2. The fan club president

With many K-pop fan clubs attending KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA, there will be a variety of people at the event, but none will stand out more than the fan club president.

Organised and passionate - almost to a fault at times - this type of fan will be professional in one minute and a screaming fan girl or boy the next!

1. The in denial fan

Sure you're at KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA because your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend made you go...

Now here's the big question: which one are you?

Important Information for KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA:

  • Where: Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena

  • When: 22 – 23 September 2017

  • For tickets, go to:



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