And 7 other fun facts about the K-pop star!
7 Sep 2017 - 11:45 AM  UPDATED 8 Sep 2017 - 9:00 AM

Red Velvet's Wendy pursued her singing dream by auditioning for the S.M. Global Audition in Canada 2012. She made her debut with Red Velvet, as the main vocalist, two years later. Known for her amazing singing ability, positive attitude and huge reactions, Wendy has become well-known for her hilarious variety show appearances.

Let’s get to know more about Wendy!

1. Before she was accepted into SM Entertainment, Wendy used to make videos on YouTube but unfortunately decided to delete her channel (some fans have re-uploaded her videos).

2. When she was five, Wendy knew she wanted to become a singer. 

3. In high school she got excellent grades. Wendy was so good that she received the Obama Presidential Award during her eighth year and has become a member of her schools' hall of fame. 

4. Wendy plays a wide variety of instruments including the guitar, flute, piano and saxophone (she would also like to learn drums).

5. Her favourite celebs are Louis Armstrong and Christina Confalonieri (her Louis Armstrong impression is on point! Haha)

6. She has a habit of moving her eyebrows a lot and is known as the 'reaction queen' of Red Velvet (if Red Velvet are on a variety show, you’ll 100 per cent see Wendy’s reactions haha!

7. Wendy is known to be an amazing cook. She’s able to make muffins, cookies and brownies (she once cooked BoA a walnut pie for her concert, which she thanked her for on her Instagram – how sweet!)

8. Her future goal is to be able to compose lyrics like so many older artists do (I’m sure she’d make for an amazing songwriter)!


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