Some fans spotted TWICE filming a new MV and managed to snap a few videos of their new song...
8 Sep 2017 - 11:40 AM  UPDATED 8 Sep 2017 - 11:40 AM

Following their mega-successful Japanese debut a few months ago, TWICE have been spotted in Canada supposedly preparing for a comeback!

According to Sports Chosun, the group are reportedly filming a new MV for a new song in Canada, though information regarding the concept and music genre are currently being kept under wraps. JYP Entertainment have confirmed that TWICE are indeed in Canada filming their comeback MV, but the company states that no official return date has been finalised yet.

While JYP are keeping things under wraps in regards to TWICE's comeback, some fans spotted the girls filming in Canada and managed to sneak a few photos from the set.

Are you excited for TWICE's comeback?


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