Simon and Martina have also noted how some YouTubers develop big, diva-like egos after they become big.
12 Sep 2017 - 1:55 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2017 - 1:56 PM

Eat Your Kimchi were just in Melbourne this week, where they were part of a big YouTuber's Creator's Summit! Beyond enjoying the sights of Melbourne and meeting many cool people at the Summit, Simon and Martina have some great advice to share from the event, as well as their own experiences - how to control burnout and to strike up a healthy work/life balance, especially as a popular YouTuber. 

Being a YouTuber is an unusual occupation to say the least, and Simon notes that the drive to get "big" can lead to burnout. As gaining subscribers is something that's forever ongoing as a YouTuber, the endless drive to get as many subscribers as possible can push content creators into overworking themselves (there are 500 hours of videos uploaded per minute) and thus ultimately lose their interest in being a YouTuber. To do this - any job - in a healthy way, Simon and Martina think that people should find self-fulfillment in what they do as opposed to finding fulfillment in the validation from others.

In addition to possible burnout working as a YouTuber, there's also an issue where content creators become fame-obsessive, self-centred people when they start becoming "big." Simon and Martina have seen a number of fellow YouTubers develop big, diva-like egos as a result of this, something that the couple frown upon. The duo think that everyone - not just YouTubers - should remain humble, and no one should ever think that they're "above" anyone else because of their "status" as a YouTuber.

By adopting a more self-fulfilling and humble approach in their work, this is how Simon and Martina fight off burn out and keep themselves motivated in what they do.

Listen right here at to Simon and Martina talk about how to control burnout (especially as a YouTuber) at the 1:10 mark:


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