Just one of many Japanese takes on the song. We've rounded up a few!
12 Sep 2017 - 1:08 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2017 - 1:08 PM

You probably don’t need anyone to remind you just how popular TWICE has become in Japan over the last year. At a time when most K-pop performers can’t land on big TV programs, the nine member group have bum-rushed the nation’s media, appearing on big-time television shows, in popular magazines and more. And we haven’t even touched on the strong sales numbers for their music!

Now, they've gotten the biggest seal of approval - at least from Japan’s YouTube community. Acoustic cover outfit Goose House tackled “TT.” Watch it below.

Goose House is the biggest name in Japan’s online covers community, the outfit tackling popular numbers and generally attracting thousands upon thousands of views for it. They mostly focus on J-pop, but have touched on a few big K-pop acts before, such as Girls’ Generation and BIGBANG. Their take on “TT” follows a familiar structure, stripping the song down to its basic melody and having the three performers harmonise over it. As is often the case with Goose House versions of topsy-turvy pop, they showcase the essential elements lurking within.

And it wasn’t easy! The three featured performers shared a rehearsal clip a few weeks back, partially teasing their “TT” but also offering insight into how they put these covers together. Check it out below.

Given “TT’s” popularity in Japan, Goose House aren’t the only bedroom artist tackling it. Vocalist monogataru delivered a dramatic reading of the song, which you can watch below, while one can experience a far more jarring take on the song via a Vocaloid cover.

And, of course, no shortage of dance covers have popped up since the song started gaining traction in Japan. Take your pick; high school girls performing it, other high schoolers performing it at a Christmas event, so on and so forth. As to be expected from the biggest K-pop group in Japan currently.


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