Jinwoo was wearing a shirt with the Confederate flag (which is associated with racism and slavery).
14 Sep 2017 - 10:38 AM  UPDATED 14 Sep 2017 - 10:59 AM

WINNER recently shared a photo of Jinwoo and Mino on their Instagram account, but it quickly drew a wave of backlash from fans due to Jinwoo's choice of shirt.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jinwoo's shirt has what appears to be a Confederate flag design, a symbol that has long been associated with slavery, racism, hatred, and white supremacy within America.

Upon seeing the symbol, many international fans expressed their shock at Jinwoo's choice of shirt, with some demanding the photo to be deleted and some finding the shirt so offensive that they've turned their backs on WINNER. Here are some of the comments made by fans:


  • "The flag on Jinwoo's shirt symbolizes white supremacy and slavery. It is racist. DELETE THIS"

  • "Omg Jinwoo shirt please delete this pic"

  • ''Seriously, YG collect your stylist. This is not even the first time."

  • "I really am a huge fan of you guys. I'm so sad to Jinwoo wore that shirt. Make me to leave the fandom,"

There were also a number of fans who assumed that Jinwoo didn't know what the flag represented and attempted to explain how he came to be wearing the shirt:

  • "do you think a korean would know about the history behind that flag???? Like, why should they know? Even if they don't know doesn't mean they are racist or anything. We can't expect them to know every little single thing about a HISTORY that are NOT from their OWN COUNTRY.."
  • "the WORLD🌍 doesn't revolve around the US so it very understandable the STYLIST didn't know anything about the flag. Fighting Team Winner 💪, just delete the picture but can you guys replace it with another SongKim picture..."
  • "Why y'all mad to this innocent kid? Please be more smart, he is Korean, he doesn't learn your history in his school"


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