He talks about the one difference between his solo album and iKON's albums.
Regina Kim

15 Sep 2017 - 1:43 PM  UPDATED 15 Sep 2017 - 1:43 PM

iKON's Bobby held his first official solo album press conference for LOVE and Fall.

The K-pop idol spoke about how it took him a long time to make his solo album. Bobby came up with his idea because he wanted to express his thoughts and feelings to everybody through song.

One difference between iKON’s album and Bobby’s solo album is that in this solo album, he expresses all of his thoughts and the things he wanted to talk out, which he can’t do on iKON’s album.

He wanted to show a softer side. Until now he has only shown his strong side, but he wanted to tell people that he has soft sides too. 

His song "Run away" is about his real life story, from when he was in his early 20’s. Since he was a trainee in the company, he had to practice everyday. His friends had fun travelling around without him. He really wanted those times, which 'normal' people had. When that thought came through his mind he started writing this song.

On his album titled LOVE and FALL; fall has both positive and negative meanings.

While he was struggling with deciding which song he wanted to make his title song, YG helped him to decide. He was given a lot of advice about how to choose a song that will be more popular to people and an easy listening song. His iKON members helped him a lot while he was working on his solo album too.

On the question of iKON’s next album, Bobby said right now the members are working on it, and really want to comeback as quick as possible to show fans how they've grown.

Bobby wants to be noticed as an artist instead of just a rapper. Because, he thinks, artists are creative and rappers are just a part of an artist. So he wants to be an artist who can create anything.

He is willing to write more songs, because his hobby is song writing, so there will be more of his new solo album, or iKON album coming up soon. He said he wants to do music until he dies.

While he was shooting his "RUN AWAY" music video he had to wear some winter clothes in hot summer weather. With the winter jacket on he had to run and run and run.

For his final words, Booby has said that he took a lot of time to make this album. So he hopes people will like his song, enjoy his songs, and support him a lot.  

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