Aliens? A never-before seen restaurant? Dangerous youths? Simon and Martina investigate...
19 Sep 2017 - 12:25 PM  UPDATED 26 Sep 2017 - 11:31 AM

From the delicious food to the culture, Japan is a country where tourists will never have a shortage of stuff to do. But as Eat Your Kimchi found out this week, even the most inconspicuous areas - like a random Japanese neighbourhood at midnight - can throw up some pleasant surprises!

It was raining heavily this week in Japan, and the Eat Your Kimchi duo decided to do something different by exploring new areas around their neighbourhood. Aside from getting soaked (despite wearing rain coats), this led to a night of interesting new discoveries for Simon and Martina.

Despite living in the neighbourhood for some time now, the couple stumbled across a Thai restaurant that they've never seen before. After a lovely Thai dinner (that Simon described as "bizarre" yet nice) which led to a discussion over how Thai food is cooked in various countries around the world, the couple continued their wandering and on the way back to the train station, they came across someone filming a rap video and a big group of gangster-looking Japanese youths in black and white clothing.

After some initial fears that they may have stumbled across some dangerous people, it turns out that Simon and Martina's fears were unwarranted; the youths were simple playing double dutch with skipping ropes! As the Eat Your Kimchi duo discovered over the course of a very interesting night, there really isn't any sense of danger in Japan!

There may be a lot to see and eat in Japan, but much fun can be had by simply exploring random areas in the country!

Listen right here at to Simon and Martina talk about their weird wander through a Japanese neighbourhood during midnight at the 4:40 mark:


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