Don't worry, the g.o.d leader managed the situation and has reassured everyone that he is fine!
25 Sep 2017 - 9:59 AM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2017 - 9:59 AM

Park Joon Hyung was in Belgium filming his variety show Buying Hardships, when he and his crew ran into a scary and unexpected real-life situation.

In a new Instagram post explaining the incident, the g.o.d leader recounted that he and the Buying Hardships crew had just landed in Brussels in Belgium when they were approached by a few strangers. After initially greeting Park Joon Hyung in a friendly manner, it quickly turned out that the strangers were trying to rob the star and he quickly fought back, resulting a a series of insults and racial slurs from the thieves. 

Thankfully, Park Joon Hyung managed to fight back the thieves long enough for the rest of the crew to return with security, and the situation was defused. The star later took to his Instagram to reassure fans that he and the crew were alright, before apologising to everyone for making them worry. 

The whole incident and Park Joon Hyung's explanation of what happened can be found right here:

We're just glad that everyone is alright and no one was hurt (and nothing got stolen) during this incident!


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